Packages and Rates


Copyediting Package A

Package A is for longer manuscripts—novellas, books, long academic papers, etc. One or two passes (your choice) are given to the content starting at .016 per word. The actual cost will vary based on the drafting stage of the manuscript along with its word count and genre. Once I’ve edited a sample of the manuscript, I will calculate a more accurate estimate for you.


Proofreading is the final editing stage and is only performed after a piece has been copyedited and no more rewriting will be done. This is a final pass to correct any overlooked grammar, spelling, or punctuation issues. One pass is given to the content at an average cost of $18 per hour. Once you send me a sample of the manuscript, I will calculate a more accurate estimate for you.

Copyediting Package B

Package B is for shorter pieces, such as short stories, promotional materials, website content, blog articles, personal bios, etc. One or two passes (your choice) are given to the content and this is charged at a rate of $28 per hour. Any follow-up time required is billed at the same rate, including any proofreading that may be performed in the second pass.


How the Copyediting Process Works

I make the copyediting process as simple as possible for both of us. Regardless of the package you choose, the first step is to submit a sample of the manuscript to me, double spaced, in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format. This will allow me to do a quick edit of a few sections to see how much copyediting will be needed and allow me to make a more accurate cost estimate for you. I will copyedit the sample sections or pages (up to 500 words) and return them to you, so you can see the types of feedback you can expect from me. (This step may be skipped if the piece is very short, such as a social media bio.)

At this point, if we’re ready to move forward, we will sign an agreement. Once signed, copyediting work will begin. All edits will be executed in MS Word Track Changes or Google Docs suggesting mode. Different billing terms are worked out with each client based on what their project dictates. For example, clients who have regular, short pieces for editing, may be billed on a weekly basis. For clients who have medium length pieces, such as short stories, I may require payment for each editing pass before the edited piece is returned to the client and the next pass begins. And for clients with long manuscripts, such as books, partial payment may be required up front with subsequent payments at milestones. The expectations for the timing of billing/payments will be decided on a project by project basis as each manuscript and client is different. The billing details will be worked out with, and made clear to, each client and will be part of the signed contract that we both agree upon.

No amount of editing can guarantee a perfect piece of writing. However, I will make every effort to provide you with a manuscript that is as readable and error free as I possibly can.

“I am glad to have worked with Karen. She is efficient and thorough in her work. Her proofreading significantly improved and polished the contents. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for another set of eyes on their work before publishing.”

~ Yusuf, PhD Candidate, Oxford University

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